Which Star Trek captain defines your leadership style?

Which Star Trek captain defines your leadership style?

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The universe is a big place and it needs exploring. So, given the chance to lead a crew through the deep unknown, what would your leadership style be? Which Star Trek captain would be your closest inspiration? Would you have the bravery and brawn of William Shatner's Kirk, or the diplomacy of Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway? Or how about the serious, God-like confidence of Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard? Or maybe you swing to the other end of the leadership spectrum and favour the laissez-faire approach of Jonathan Archer, as portrayed by Quantum Leap's Scott Bakula? Whichever model your leadership approach follows, your crew are relying on you to get them through some tight spots and near-death experiences. Take our fun quiz and find out who really drives your ship!

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Mike Heath

Mike Heath

Mike has an MA in Creative Writing and is a full-time copywriter, yoga teacher, and playwright. His copywriting has taken him to dizzy heights: writing in every conceivable niche from facts about carpet slippers to portents about artificial intelligence and how to overcome plantar fasciitis (look it up) to fabulous home decor. Mike is a UK-based playwright whose work has been performed all around the world (as long as you count the UK and Western Australia). His work is available on Amazon, and you can listen to his podcast where he talks about playwriting with his sarcastic co-presenter. He runs the WriteForTheStage courses and you can follow him on @Write4TheStage (Twitter) and @_mike_heath_ on Instagram.

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